Dying on the Inside

A shy young woman persuades her brother to masquerade as the author of her unpublished manuscript. It becomes a worldwide bestseller. What could possibly go wrong?

Dying on the Inside is told from the point of view of two main characters, Anglo-Finnish siblings Emmi and Ed, who have very different personalities.

Emmi, a virtual recluse, is working as a proof-reader from home. When faced with any external interaction, she is mortified, feeling as if she is 'dying on the inside'.

Her brother, Ed, on the other hand, is an aspiring actor with who brings charm and wit to social situations. To date, he has found work on some small productions but is waiting for that big break that will bring him fame.

When Ed agrees to pretend to be the author of a novel that Emmi has written, the pair embark on a tumultuous emotional journey. 

The story explores their sibling relationship but also how the modern world is set up to favour the extrovert personality with quieter, more reflective individuals dismissed as having little to contribute. The role of social media and the cult of celebrity also feature.

Another major theme of the novel is the cost of deception in its many forms and how dark secrets can cast long shadows. It is this that drives the narrative to its final, dramatic conclusion.

'A story with emotionally rich characters, strong writing, and a fascinating conflict', Megan Collins, author of The Family Plot