The Unmasking (current work in progress)

London 1997. In the wake of Princess Diana's funeral, four families are mourning the deaths of their loved ones at the hands of a serial killer. He's earned the nickname 'the Barber' because he cuts off his victims' hair and dresses the young women in costumes before dumping their bodies in various East End locations.

Newly promoted DI Anna Anastasiou, a Greek Cypriot officer who has been fast-tracked through the ranks, faces the toughest challenge of her career. The Barber has left no significant clues and frustration mounts at the rising body count.

When another young woman is attacked but not murdered, the police are faced with a dilemma. Is this the work of a copycat or has the Barber finally slipped up? Or perhaps there is another agenda altogether?

As events come to their climax it becomes clear to Anna that the killer has been hiding in plain sight.