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I was born in London to a Greek Cypriot father and a Finnish mother, giving me a unique world view. I studied languages at university and have lived in Germany and Greece.
Although I have worked in HR, teaching, tourism and marketing, I have always had a passion for writing and travelling.
My writing journey has seen me co-write, script-edit and produce screenplays for Ghost Films and Laid Back Films. I went on to adapt one of the these films into a new hybrid format - a cBook. I have also written some travel articles.
In 2019, I graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing from the Open University.
I have completed a first novel - Dying on the Inside - and am in the process of seeking representation. I am also well into writing a second - The Unmasking. Though in different genres, a common thread is that I have brought something of my mixed heritage to both.                           
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Where do story ideas originate?

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Dying on the Inside

A shy young woman persuades her brother to masquerade as the author of a book she has written.

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The Unmasking (current work in progress)

London 1997. The Barber, a serial killer, has killed four young women and dumped their costumed bodies in various East End locations . What is his twisted endgame and can newly promoted DI Anastasiou stop him?

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Screenwriting, Script-editing and Producing

Details and links to film projects.

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Travel Writing

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Cinematic books - a new way to experience content.

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